Valparaíso is made up of approximately 40 hills, each one with its special hallmark, generating a perfect amphitheater to contemplate the sea and its unforgettable sunsets.


Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion are full of life, embellished with their houses and buildings of historic architecture and striking colors, restaurants and bars of haute cuisine, entertaining nightlife all throughout beautiful streets and passages that make anyone fall in love.


They say that the number of bars in Valparaíso is almost the same as its steps. We can find many of them in Ecuador Avenue, or as the ‘porteños’ call it ‘Subida Ecuador’, a characteristic place known for concentrating the university night scene of the port. Its premises, of different styles and for all tastes, together with its endless bohemia, make ‘Subida Ecuador’ an unforgettable place.

At the foot of Cerro Alegre, we can find Cumming Street. Its bars are characterized by housing the local artists of the city, young troubadours and jazz bands take over this street to showcase their art.


As a counterpoint to modern shopping centers, the free fairs or "flea markets" in Valparaíso are particularly popular.


The most famous one is on Argentina Avenue in front of the National Congress, where you can walk through blocks and blocks where you will find an impressive diversity of new and used things at ridiculously cheap prices.


Daily life in Valparaíso would be impossible without its 30 funiculars that connect downtown with the hills and vice versa. Settled between gulches and steep slopes, these artifacts allow you to see the city from different angles with a Valparaiso of yesteryear ring to it.


The most striking funiculars are: El Barón, El Perla, Polanco, Reina Victoria, San Agustin, Florida, Mariposa, Monjas, Artillería, Concepcion and Cordillera.


Squares are an essential part of Valparaiso's character as a world heritage site. The most important buildings and monuments of the city are located around them.


Of the most important squares we can highlight Sotomayor Square and Victoria Square.


culture & events

Valparaíso is the cultural capital of Chile. You can enjoy anything from great festivals, to spontaneous artistic expressions in corners, squares and bars, giving Valparaiso its special vitality.

Among the main festivals, we have "The Thousand Drums" a combination of music, dance and theatricality that paint the city during the first days of October, gathering thousands of people.

The Valparaíso Cultural Park located in Cárcel Hill offers an ideal place to appreciate presentations of dance, music, theater and circus activities throughout the year.

the coast

Viña del Mar is known for having a privileged coastline, its beaches and rocky surroundings make it special. The city turns to its coast where you can enjoy a pleasant walk, a bike ride, a jog or simply contemplating a pleasant sunset. This is how Viña welcomes anyone who wants to visit.

peru avenue

It is a traditional city walk, in it; we can find an edge of rocks that dates back to the 40s. Since that time, this walk has been a meeting and relaxation place for its visitor to walk on, take photographs, have a cup of coffee while watching a spectacular sunset, etc.


At its intersection with San Martin Avenue, we can find the most traditional Hotel / Casino in Chile "Casino Viña del Mar", which has a wide variety of restaurants and bars overlooking the bay.

vergara pier-las salinas

This recently remodeled walk, which extends for over 3 kilometers, is the perfect place to take a stroll on a bike or jogging, offering various gardens by the sea, it is common to haven picnics and spend the afternoon there.


The Vergara pier, formerly an industrial pier, today is a renovated place where you can appreciate the Viñamarina coast in 180 degrees.

gardens & squares

Another great hallmark of the city are its gardens and squares, with the special mission of giving each day a moment of tranquility, familiarity and a space to share.

Many of the gardens and squares were built around old mansion houses or sites belonging to them, giving a relevant historical perspective of the city. The most outstanding examples of this are: Quinta Vergara, Plaza Palacio Rioja, Plaza Carrasco Palace and Plaza Colombia, among others.


As a main coastal city, Reñaca has all the characteristics of an entertaining beach villa.

In summer it hosts people from all over the world in its beautiful beaches.

nightlife & Events

Viña is well known by its astonishing nightlife. The city counts with a wide variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs.


Events go from huge parties at the 'Casino de Viña del Mar' terrace to events as 'Viña del Mar International Song Festival'. The latter being the biggest and most importnt festival in Latin America. It has hosted artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Madonna, The Police, Santana and others.

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