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  • What does the rent include?
    • Fully furnished Single / double rooms. • Outdoor entertainment areas. • Laundry machines. • Cable TV, Internet, Netflix. • Cleaning and maintenance of the house. • Monthly payment of accounts.
  • What additional services can you enjoy?
    • Monthly rental of bicycles. • Events and walks.
  • Who can make a reservation and rent a room?
    • Foreign students from all over the world between 18 and 30 years old.
  • Can I change my room at any time of my stay?
    • It will be subject to availability and will depend on the chosen room.
  • What can't I do inside any of Unihome's houses?
    • Smoke. • Make excessive noise that does not allow a healthy coexistence. • Allow the entrance of animals.
  • Are people from outside Unihome aloud to stay over?
    • No, accommodation is not allowed for people outside of UniHome. Special cases will be evaluated in particular.
  • How can I book a room?
    • Through the UniHome website or by contacting us at You will have to pay a guarantee fee (equal to one month of rent) to complete your reservation, this will be refunded to you after your stay, excepting any commissions charged by the online payment system.
  • What are the lease periods?
    • For 5 or 10 months. An extension of the period you choose may be managed for seasons outside the academic period, for example the summer period (January and February).
  • What are they payment options?
    • Credit Card or Bank Transfer, all of them subject to the conditions that are written in the rental contract.
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