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We’re located in the hearts of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. 

It’s easy to find us, but hard to leave.



You can always give us a call if you have any doubt, however, getting here is really easy, just follow the directions below.



From the airport 

Go outside the airport through the first level, you will find different types of buses. Ask for the ones going to "Estación Pajaritos". In this bus station you can take buses either to Viña del Mar or Valparaíso. Once you get to one of both cities, follow points 2 or 3.


From Vaparaiso's bus station

  1. Get outside the bus station and walk by Calle Pedro Montt in direction to Avenida Argentina (2 blocks)

  2. Walk through Avenida Argentina en direction to Calle Quillota (Jumbo Supermarket)

  3. In Calle Quillota take bus n°506, the trip will take 3 minutes, get down at Calle Nelson with Blanco Viel. You’ve arrived!



From Viña del Mar's bus station

By Bus:

  1. Go outside the station and walk 500m to Calle Viana. In the bus stop, you can take bus n°: 207, 212, 213 or 214. The ride will take 20 minutes app. 

  2. Get off the bus at Avenida Argentina with Calle Quillota (next to a big Jumbo supermarket). Then cross the street to Calle Quillota and take bus n°506, the ride will take 3 minute app.

  3. Get off at Calle Nelson with Blanco Viel. You’ve arrived!

By Metro-Bus:

  1. Walk to Estación Viña del Mar and take the train to the Estación Puerto direction.

  2. After app. 10 minutes, get off at Estación Barón and walk by Avenida Argentina to Calle Quillota.

  3. Take the bus n°506, the ride will take 3 minutes app. Get off at Calle Nelson with Blanco Viel. You've arrived!

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